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We were surprised to find out this floor covering was Vinyl from Fabricland.  It was quite heavy and looked great.  He gave his wife full credit for the idea.

We headed over to Fabricland to check it out.  There were lots of colours and prints.  It's quite wide and it was on sale for half price.  Easy to pack!

At the Westcoast Women's Show floor covering was required.  ‚ÄčThis is an example of Victorian Paper Bags that were cut open and then taped together to make a floor covering for a small counter style booth.  The bags, floor covering, display racks and hanger covers all matched.

These are the foam snap together tiles.  You can get them in wood finish and colours.  If you get enough for a 10' x 10' booth, you're set for an 8' x 10' as well.  These are an investment and you can use them over and over again. Google "snap together trade show tiles,"  - select the "images" tab and you'll see lots of ideas and sources.  These are a more expensive option but they are great for the sore feet and back.

We made a one time purchase of carpet so we were ready no matter what the senerio.  We know that in our 10' x 20' booth layout, it's lined with 2' wide tables along the sides and back.  From End Of The Roll Carpet we bought one carpet 10' x 10' and one 10' x 8' and this works for us no matter what size booth we do. A single 10' x 10', a single 10' x 8' or a double booth 20' x 10'.   We also do a single booth that customers do not walk into (above right).  IKEA is also another great source for inexpensive precut carpet.  There was one with buttons on it!

If you have any photos or ideas you would like to share please let us know.

This booth looked like it had a real hardwood floor.This wood rolled up, and the slats were about 1.5 inches.  You can see where the two were just placed together in the upper left (shadow area).  We are not sure what it is, or where to get it but it's a good idea.  You might recognize it.

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This is an example of painters Drop Cloths.  The image on the left shows the cloth has been treated while the image in the middle shows it was used the way it came out of the bag.  Some are white and some are a natural cream colour.  We found these at Benjamin Moore 8' x 12' for $39.99  and Walmart 4' x 12' for $14.98

We've done lots of Consumer Sewing Shows over the last 25 years.  Sometimes carpet is required and sometimes it's not.  It all depends on the venue being used and the Show Producer.  Investing in your booth display saves you money and gives you a professional look.